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Mission Statement

DIVORCE CAN PUT YOU INTO A CHAOTIC LIFE TRANSITION.  Breaking up is all about finances, survival (before and after the divorce) and parenting.  Don’t worry if you feel a bit rusty about your finances.  My goal is getting you both organized as the first step to bringing a new balance to your lives while you are under the stress of untying the knot.  Each party will gain a new sense of balance in order to co-parent and achieve financial stability confidentially if you can differentiate the importance of working it out together amicably in mediation instead of litigating. I provide a safe environment for couples facing divorce and the opportunity to address conflict through sharing and communicating respectfully with one another to create innovative thinking as a team to resolve issues civilly and intelligently.   IT IS THE BEST START FOR A NEW BEGINNING.

I am committed:
To treat you with respect and courtesy
To handle your matter diligently
To charge a reasonable fee and explain in advance how the fee will be calculated and billed
To promptly respond to your telephone calls and letters
To keep you informed about your mediated agreements
To keep confidential the information you give me