My Experience

My experience and background in nursing and business brings diversity to the table.
  1. Certified Family Mediator
  2. Years of experience (18 years mediating family issues)
  3. I understand and I have a great deal of empathy for what you are going through, the fear and the pain of it all
  4. Promote co-parenting with exceptions negotiated by the mother and the father
  5. You will understand your financial situation and make sound monetary decisions together with this process
  6. Tireless effort on my part, no matter how difficult your situation is
  7. Thoughtful, respectful, understanding
  8. I listen attentively with care to both sides
  9. I am committed and devoted to my clients and all the issues throughout the process of mediation in order to facilitate a resolution
  10. I have an attorney consultant on staff to help answer questions in general about the law and also may use other professionals to help when necessary