What is Mediation?

What is Mediation & Its Best Advantages:

Mediation is an opportunity for you to settle conflicts through a professional neutral confidentially and the process gives you the chance to save thousands of dollars and countless hours in litigation.  In family law cases like divorce, mediation is the preferred choice because it smooths the progress of future communication between the parents, which is essential when the future of the children is at stake.


Other benefits you should know before you start:

  • Win-Win: Agreements worked out by both parties in mediation benefit the entire family by the reduction of anger and bitterness.  If you become vested in the mediation process it will provide the opportunity to resolve conflicts and reduce the possibility of appeal.  A successful mediated divorce can be defined as one that ends the marriage with the least negative impact economically and emotionally.
  • It Is Predictable: Mediation clients maintain control of the decisions instead of fighting it out in a courtroom and turning it over to a judge to make decisions for you.
  • Personal Empowerment: You have the control that affects your future by making your own decisions directly with your spouse.
  • Safeguarding Relationships: Sharing parenting responsibility and parenting time (even though no longer married) requires getting along for the best interests of the children at least until they have reached maturity, and it shouldn’t stop there.
  • The purpose of the mediation process is to create and generate a cooperative atmosphere, clarify all the issue, enable clear communication, and reduce the emotional tension from the financial negotiations and decisions.
  • To receive a just and fair settlement for the best interests of the children with no or very little future financial repercussions or impact to either party.